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This book explores different sorts of friends and why they are important. It’s a fantastic book to explore a ‘Friends or Sharing’ theme in an early years setting and includes topics such as playing together, being kind, sharing and having fun.

Our Special World
is a series of books offering a simple text and photographs that help young children learn about the world around them. The books seek to show the diverse nature of the world with lots of photographs of children with a disability and from different ethnic backgrounds. Each book includes questions to promote speaking and listening skills. They are perfect for early years learning.


Simple yet effective ... perfect for stimulating discussion in one of the most important things children will be learning -- how to make friends
Parents In Touch
The premise of the Our Special World series is to help young children find out about diversity in the world about them. This book does this and much more. With just a few carefully worded sentences on each page, accompanied by well-chosen photographs. It succeeds in exploring a wide variety of issues about friendship, both positive ones and ones that are more difficult for children to cope with, very accesibly. This book is inclusive in a totally unforced way. It is particularly pleasing to see very positive images of children with physical and learning disabilities enjoying themselves with their friends.
The School Librarian