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Blue Worlds: Seas, Gulfs and Bays

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781526315687

Price: £12.99

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Explore the world’s unique and precious seas in this beautifully illustrated series of children’s books, for readers aged 9+

Our world is scattered with many seas. Some are huge bodies of water and form part of the mighty oceans; others are salty inland seas, at risk at disappearing altogether. Some seas are warm and tropical, others are cold and icy. All are vital to life on Earth, helping to control our climate, provide a home for wildlife and giving us precious natural resources.

The oceans make up Earth’s biggest habitat. More than 70 per cent of Earth’s surface is covered by oceans and seas and they hold more than 97 per cent of Earth’s water supply. Oceans drive the world’s weather, provide half of the oxygen we breathe and provide food and livelihoods for more than a billion people.

Blue Worlds explores each of the world’s five oceans and major seas in detail, looking at the different features – from wildlife and weather to landscape – that make them all individual and unique. It also looks at the threats that they face, such as global warming, overfishing and pollution.

Titles in the series: The Arctic Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean. The Indian Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Southern Ocean, Seas, Gulfs & Bays

Oceans and seas
The world’s seas
The Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean traders
Gulf of Mexico
South China Sea
The Bering Sea
Hudson Bay
The Caribbean Sea
The Red Sea
Weddell Sea
Inland seas
A healthy future?
Seas facts

What's Inside

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