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Exam Attack

A positive guide to challenging exam stress, Exam Attack is full of practical advice and study tips to help with revision and preparing for exams. Written by Nicola Morgan, a leading authority on teenage stress, well-being and performance, this reassuring book provides readers with the tools for the best chance of exam success.


  • Gives up-to-date revision tips and learning techniques
  • Takes you all the way through the exam process, from preparation and planning, to coping with nerves and anxiety, what to do in the exam room and how to deal with what happens once your exams are finished
  • Provides guidance on improving health and well-being to boost performance; helping you reduce worries, sleep better and manage screen-time
  • Includes advice for teens with conditions such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD and dyspraxia



Read some study tips extracted from the book:

Top study tips

  • Always make notes in your own words – it’s easily the best way to learn
  • Use spaced learning: if you learn something on a Monday, go over it again the next day, then three days later, then a week later
  • Interleaving – splitting and mixing topics – helps your brain. If you have a three-hour period of time, use it for several different topics, not one subject. Switch from one task to another every 30 to 45 minutes.


Find lots more tips for beating exam stress, helping with revision, and study techniques in Exam Attack.


Exam Attack resources

Download some handy classroom display resources below featuring tips from the book, and printable revision cards for students to use when preparing for exams:

Download exam tips poster

Download exam tips card

Download revision cards for students to fill in

Download books poster



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