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Vegan Do It!

Vegan Do It! is a practical guide for young people who are interested in a vegan lifestyle.

Exploring the many reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle, this informative book explains the facts and benefits of a plant-based diet along with clear nutritional information on eating healthily. There’s expert advice on what to eat, how to shop, and ways of explaining your choice to others. Discover delicious food swaps, useful tips for choosing vegan-friendly toiletries and clothes, and helpful advice on how to discuss veganism with friends and family.

  • For age 12+

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Did you know?

  • Swapping your daily cereal milk (approx 200ml per day) from cow’s milk to a plant-based alternative such as oat milk, can save almost two tennis courts’ worth of grazing land every year!
  • Producing the beef for just one burger will use the equivalent of at least 20 showers worth of water. Alternatives to beef are vegan meat-replacements, tofu and seitan.
  • When baking, egg alternatives include: chia seeds (1tbsp chia seeds + 1 tbsp water), apple sauce, mashed banana, chickpea flour (for omelettes, quiches, savoury pancakes, flans)


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Learn lots more vegan facts like these in Vegan Do It!


Vegan Food Swaps

It’s much easier to try going vegan when you know what the like-for-like swaps are. Vegan Do It! contains lots of examples of super swaps, from toiletries and clothes, to staple food ingredients. Find lots of handy plant-based food swaps in this downloadable poster:


Download Super Swaps poster


Vegan Recipe Challenge

Vegan Do It! contains lots of tasty recipes to try at home, including this delicious Biscuity Banana Bread. If you’ve not tried cooking anything vegan before, why not take the challenge and try baking this sweet treat?


Download Biscuity Banana Bread recipe