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Sex and Relationships with Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton popular YouTube vlogger and author of Doing It creates amazing short videos to prompt young people to talk about sex and relationships, even the awkward bits!


Doing It is an honest and hilarious account of anecdotes, confessions and revelations that embrace the fact that no one truly has sex figured out. It’s accompanied with advice on how we should be doing it; consensually, joyfully and safely.

In this new series of short videos, Hannah discusses 5 core areas of sex and relationships; body image, porn education, healthy relationships, sexual orientation and consent. Each video includes a discussion question helping you to launch the conversation about the topics.

Episode 1: Body Image

In her first episode on body image, Hannah goes through the scientific makeup of male and female anatomy, and explains how all shapes and sizes are normal. She gives examples of where unrealistic beauty standards come from, and 14 top tips to improve body confidence.

Discussion Question: What are realistic and unrealistic standards for bodily appearance?

Episode 2: Porn Education

There is nothing wrong with watching porn, but understanding the difference between porn and real sex is hugely important. In this episode, Hannah highlights the risks of watching porn, including; unrealistic beauty standards, absurd expectations, and the treatment of women. She also gives advice to those who suffer from porn addiction.

Discussion Question: Does porn present particular values in relation to power, gender and sexual behaviour?

Episode 3: Healthy Relationships

Trust, respect and communication are key components of a healthy relationship. Hannah gives advice on how to recognise when a relationship is healthy, and when it is unhealthy or abusive.

Discussion Question: What should you do if you spot early signs of abuse in your relationship or a friend’s?

Episode 4: Sexual Orientation and Gender

Hannah explains the difference between sex and gender, and how sexuality doesn’t necessarily conform to sexual behaviour. A useful and clear description of the different identities that people have, and how to support those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Discussion Question: What are homophobia and transphobia, what effect do they have on people and what can I do to challenge it?

Episode 5: Consent

Clear-cut definitions of what consent is, and how to ask for it. In the final episode, Hannah dispels any misconceptions around consent and provides clear examples of when no means no.

Discussion Question: What are some of the misconceptions around consent and rape that you can think of?

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