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How to Help Soothe Starting School and Back to School Worries

Going to school is a BIG adventure and it can seem scary at first or cause anxiety in children, either starting school for the first time, or returning after a holiday or long break.

In My School Unicorn, Evie is feeling worried about moving from nursery to “big” school. It sounds scary and she doesn’t like change. But when she goes to try on her new uniform, she makes a magical discovery… a school unicorn is tucked into her pocket! With her new friend by her side to make her feel brave, Evie soon learns that schools can be LOTS of fun!



Here are some tips to help soothe a child’s starting school or back to school worries:

1. Familiarise them with the journey to school and discuss how they’re going to travel there, by car, walk or maybe cycle

2. Talk through what a typical at school might be like so they know what to expect, for example this might involve:

    • Hanging up their coat on a peg
    • Work time
    • Play time
    • Lunch time
    • Story time
    • Home time

3. Read stories to help open up discussions about any worries and prepare them with relatable situations. You can find a list of recommended books to read here

4. Encourage them to ask the teacher or an adult at school any questions if they’re feeling unsure

5. Make they’re very own unicorn which can be tucked in their pocket to help them feel brave. There are full instructions on how to do this with a helpful template in the back of My School Unicorn