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Books for Starting School and Going Back to School

If your child is feeling anxious about going to school, the books below can help you discuss any worries and prepare them for September. These recommended reads are ideal for sharing with children starting school for the first time or returning back to school after a long break.


For children aged 0-5 years


How to Get Your Teacher Ready for School

Follow a class of adorable students as they make sure their teacher is ready all year round. Written in a tongue-in-cheek instructional style, this book is a playful and heartwarming celebration of teachers and school, and an empowering book to help calm back-to-school nerves





Whiffy Wilson: The Wolf Who Wouldn’t Go to School

The perfect picture book to banish starting school worries, starring the most adorable wolf cub character. This warm and witty story will encourage even the most reluctant children that school is FUN!





My School Unicorn

Starting school is an adventure – especially when you have a magical unicorn friend by your side! A reassuring story to soothe those back-to-school nerves. Includes instructions on how to make your very own school unicorn!







Charlie and Lola: I Am Too Absolutely Small For School

A classic Charlie and Lola picture book about starting school worries, from Children’s Laureate Lauren Child. This classic first-day-at-school tale addresses children’s fears with warmth, humour, and a lot of fun.







Hugless Douglas Goes to Little School

A charmingly funny Hugless Douglas story. Perfect for reassuring little ones going to school or nursery for the first time.







I Love My Teacher

A colourful, fun-filled picture book all about school. This sweet and simple story follows a typical school day, from morning hello’s to hometime. Perfect for sharing with your little one so they know just what to expect before they start school.






A First Look At: Starting School: Do I Have to Go to School?

A beautifully illustrated  and reassuring picture book for children who are starting school for the first time. This book encourages children to
discover the joy of learning new things, meeting new people and having new experiences. Notes for parents and teachers at the back of the book provide valuable advice for how to share this book with your child or class.




Prince George Goes to School

Prince George is starting school in this brilliantly funny, reassuring picture book from award-winning author Caryl Hart and bestselling illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson. This hilarious, fun-packed royal story is the perfect book to reassure your own little prince or princess that starting school doesn’t have to be scary.






Starting School

Featuring funny illustrations by the wonderful Arthur Robins, Starting School explores a variety of scenarios in different school settings. This book is ideal to dip into with children during the run up to the big day and while they are still settling in at school. There are also tips for parents and carers on preparing children for starting school.






Behaviour Matters: Flamingo is Brave

This charming picture book story offers a gentle introduction to the concept of being brave and overcoming fears for young children. Also included are suggestions for activities and ideas to talk through together to help children understand their emotions.







For children aged 5+


New Adventures: My New School

Tyrone is having to move schools because his dad has a new job. He is sad and scared about his first day there. This reassuring story shows what happens on a first day at school and shows ways that children can help themselves to ease the transition and learn to cope with their feelings.





Kids Can Cope

A series of beautifully illustrated books that help children understand their emotions and how different aspects of behaviour can affect them, giving practical guidance on how to gain control and feel happier. Each book in the Kids Can Cope series is backed up with practical activities for the child to complete and discuss, consolidating and personalising learning, plus extra notes for parents or teachers.


Kids Can Cope: Say Hi When You’re Shy

This book helps children learn to be more confident and comfortable around other children and grown-ups. It suggests ways children can overcome their shyness in a variety of situations.






Kids Can Cope: Put Your Worries Away

This book helps children learn how to deal with real and imagined worries. It explains what worry is and where it comes from, and why worries make people think and feel the way they do. Put Your Worries Away suggests ways in which a child can learn to overcome anxiety. With this book, children can learn solutions that really work so that they feel more in control, able to engage with their lives and keep their worries in perspective.





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