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Keep Your Cool: How to Deal with Life’s Worries and Stress

Keep Your Cool

The perfect guide to help kids deal with the stress, worry and pressure of modern life.


Does life keep making you stressed, worried and unable to achieve what you want? Then this book is for you!


Deal with bullying, family strife, exam panic and what it means to be you, as well as many other issues with Keep Your Cool. A vast selection of exercises, including yoga, breathing exercises and rationalising activities, will help you to stay focused and in control.


Written by clinical psychotherapist Dr Aaron Balick, who has nearly 20 years in the field, this book draws on his experience with working with young people directly in schools, providing answers to real-life issues.


By to building your life skills and resilience,  this book will keep you cool, calm and collected in the modern world.


Addressing serious issues such as bullying, family strife and exam panics, this title offers support and guidance on how to manage difficult relationships, situations and build self-esteem.


Includes a vast selection of exercises to help the reader stay focused and in control, such as yoga, breathing exercises and rationalising activities.