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10 tips for starting your school eco-squad!

10 tips for starting your school eco-squad

Empower pupils to start making a difference by starting a school eco-squad! It’s a great way for kids to get involved in making the school a greener place to be. Once your squad is up and running, why not hold an assembly to share ideas and inspire others to play their part?

  1. Form a litter-picking team to fight rubbish in your local area.
  2. Plant a wildflower meadow at school.
  3. Transform junk into gifts to sell at your school fair.
  4. Make posters to encourage people to cycle or walk to school.
  5. Carry out a green audit to find out how much your school is already doing to save the planet.
  6. Build a giant bug hotel using old wooden pallets and natural materials.
  7. Hang home-made bird feeders in the school grounds.
  8. Share paper-saving and recycling ideas next to every photocopier, bin and resources cupboard.
  9. Set up a vegetable garden in the school grounds.
  10. Buy This Book is Not Rubbish for more planet-saving suggestions!

Download a free poster with these tips to inspire your pupils to join the green team and become eco-warriors not eco-worriers!

This Book is Not Rubbish

The planet is in peril and it needs your help! This Book is Not Rubbish is packed full of easy tips, hacks and ideas for kids who want to make a difference, from hosting a plastic-free birthday party to up-cycling.

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