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Extend learning and deepen engagement with topics with these free downloadable resources for fiction and non-fiction titles, ideal for use in the classroom or library.

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Rabbit and Bear – Teacher’s Notes

A set of notes for everything from Geography, Science, Art and and Design and English for Rabbit’s Bad Habits.

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Osbert the Avenger – Teacher’s Notes

A set of teacher’s notes discussing plot development, character studies, author techniques and vocabulary.

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The Escape – Teacher’s Notes

These teaching notes will focus on studying and discussing the text through examination of, characters and settings, themes and issues, plot and structure and language and style.

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Ella Grey – Teacher’s Notes

These resources offer ideas and suggestions for discussion, activity and further reading suggestions,
for people reading this book. They cover a number of themes including the power of music and poetry; myth and
reality – and being young and in love.

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Dragon Shield – Teacher’s Notes

Teacher’s notes for Dragon Shield by Charlie Fletcher. A novel suitable for KS2 and KS3 students.

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Fact Cat Countries – Teacher’s Notes

Introduce young readers to these important countries around the world: discover Ghana, Italy, France and Brazil! These resources support the KS1 English and Geography curriculums.

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Binny for Short – Teacher’s Notes

Resources with ideas for discussion and activities, link with key learning points in the national curriculum programme of study for English KS2 and KS3.

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