The Emily Windsnap Series – Teacher’s Notes

The bestselling Emily Windsnap series by Liz Kessler is packed full with magic, fun, friendship and oceans of adventure.

Bubbling with new heights of adventure and featuring a mermaid-heroine you won’t forget, this KS2 Resource Pack will invite everyone in your class to explore an enchanting new world, and to
test the limits of adventure writing.

The six lessons included have been designed as sequential activities and can be taught as whole units or as individual activities to be dipped in and out of, based across the entire Emily Windsnap series. They can be used as an introduction to KS2 Myths and Legends schemes of work or an exercise in creative, fantasy writing.

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Emily Windsnap and the Pirate Prince

Feisty girls take to the helm of a pirate ship in this new Emily Windsnap adventure!

When Emily Windsnap’s boyfriend Aaron is captured by pirates there’s only one option – join a rival pirate crew and persuade them to help rescue him. The Pirate Prince agrees, as long as Emily assists in finding the Trident’s Treasure first.

But as if boarding a pirate ship weren’t dangerous enough, Emily soon discovers that pirates hate mermaids. If her true identity is revealed, her life – and Aaron’s – will be at risk.

How will Emily keep her secret when the only way to win the treasure is by turning into a mermaid?

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