Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson – Discussion Questions

Speak is the story of Melinda – a girl in high school who is unable to speak after she is sexually assaulted. As an outcast at Merryweather High, the narrative follows her as she tries to navigate the new school year following the incident. Through her work on an art project, Melinda is finally able to face what really happened. But before she can make peace with the ghosts of her past, she has to confront the reality of the present – and stop someone who still wishes to do her harm.

Written in sardonic and witty prose, the book is a great text for KS3 and 4 students, especially for tackling topics around consent, creative writing and
English comprehension. The recently published graphic novel edition is also an excellent way of encouraging visual learners to access the themes and topics presented in the text.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Speak feels incredibly timely and an important text for the #MeToo era. Available in paperback or stunning graphic novel format.

The following resources feature activities and discussion questions for both the text and the graphic novel.