Mortimer Keene: Attack of the Slime Teacher Notes

Mortimer Keene: Attack of the Slime, written by Tim Healey and illustrated by Chris Mould, is the perfect KS1 and early KS2 rhyming story for young readers, aimed at children aged 6+. These notes include reading comprehension questions to improve inference, retrieval and predictive skills, as well as suggestions for classroom activities to enjoy the book across different areas of the curriculum – from creating Slime Generators, to learning about molecular bonds and exploring the effects of slime-flooding!

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Mortimer Keene: Attack of the Snack – Tim Healy


A wickedly funny series featuring Mortimer: the small kid with big ideas! In this book, Mortimer covers his whole school in slime. With slimy facts and activities at the back, perfect for young readers.

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