Host a Malory Towers midnight feast!

Return to Malory Towers with brand new short story collection, New Class at Malory Towers, which features four new stories by authors Patrice Lawrence, Lucy Mangan, Rebecca Westcott and Narinder Dhami.

Staying true to Enid Blyton’s classic setting, this new collection celebrates the feminist spirit embodied by Malory Towers girls and also introduces the first BAME characters as we meet four new girls joining Darrell and friends at the famous boarding school by the sea.

The full series has also been reissued with beautiful new cover illustrations, meaning there’s never been a better time to introduce young readers to this classic series.


Host a Malory Towers-inspired midnight feast!

To celebrate the release of New Class at Malory Towers we have created an activity pack to help you host your own midnight (or lunchtime!) feast. The pack contains suggestions for setting up your midnight feast, a Malory Towers poster to decorate your classroom or library with and Malory Towers stickers for your pupils.

We have a limited number of printed packs available to order, contact us for more information. Or you can download a pack using the links below.



Download the pack here: