Cats React To Science Facts – Space Poster

Come on a journey like no other with this cast of claw-some cats in Cats React to Science Facts.

From outer space to the human body to climate change and electricity, this book is full of FUR-scinating facts to get the KS2 readers in your classroom excited about science in a fun, engaging and humorous way.


  • BITESIZE chunks of TEXT – much easier for children to read and remember!
  • IMPORTANT and RELEVANT FACTS on key science topics for KS2 such as climate change and space
  • A CAT REACT-O-METER for children to measure their reactions to the facts they read
  • Plenty of images of HILARIOUS cats!

Find out more about Cats React To Science Facts here.

Download the space facts poster below. It’s a great resource to put up in your classroom or library.