Binny for Short – Teacher’s Notes

Binny for Short is the story of Binny, Bin, Belinda, Bel, Binny for short… an eleven year old girl who’s had a tough time since her father died, and since she lost her beautiful dog Max. It’s also a story about her family, and all the quirks and caring and complexity in family life.

A twist in luck brings Binny and her family to a little house by the sea, and to new friends and adventures – as well as to the resolution of fears and anxieties generated by the past.

It’s an absorbing read for 9-12 year olds, and for older readers too.

These teaching resources, with ideas for discussion and activities, link with key learning points in the national curriculum programme of study for English KS2 and KS3, supporting the reading, writing and spoken word aims of the curriculum. They cover themes from the book, such as family and friendship, and offer suggestions for further reading.