Recommended reads for the summer holidays

With holidays on the horizon, now is a great time to help your pupils pick out some books to read over the break. Not only is it a great way to relax, but important for helping children keep up the reading skills they’ve developed over the past academic year and stopping the so-called ‘summer slide’.

Great books for younger readers (Age 5-8)

Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure

Indiana Jones meets Hercule Poirot in this new Alex T. Smith series with plenty of slapstick humour, mystery and adventure. The smaller format and fantastic black and orange illustrations throughout make this an ideal book for children taking the next step on from picture books.

It’s also been selected for the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge, so keep an eye out for it in your local library!

9781444932072 PB £6.99

Iguana Boy Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza

This is the first book in an hilarious new series that’s perfect for fans of Tom Gates, Future Ratboy and My Brother is a Superhero, can Dylan (a.k.a Iguana Boy) and his troupe of talking iguanas save the world when all the other super heroes have been kidnapped? Complete with lively illustrations, this is an off the wall treat for younger readers.

Iguana Boy Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza also makes a great class read, download activities and teaching notes here.

9781444939347 PB £6.99


Great books for middle-grade readers (Age 9-11)

Embassy of the Dead

Welcome to the Embassy of the Dead. When Jake opens a strange box containing a severed finger, he accidentally summons a grim reaper to drag him to the Eternal Void and now he’s running for his life! This is the first book in a spooky, funny new series that’s perfect for fans of Skullduggery Pleasant and Who Let the Gods Out.

9781510104556 PB £6.99


The Girl with the Lost Smile

Guaranteed to make you smile, this heartwarming and funny story from Miranda Hart is an action-packed, magical adventure that celebrates the power of the imagination and the wonder of true friendship.

An ideal class read, we have comprehensive teaching notes available here.

9781444941845 PB £6.99


Great book for older readers (Age 12+)

The Survival Game

Set in the near future, when climate change has left the world a shell of what it once was and you must prove yourself worthy of existence at every turn, this is a powerful and extraordinary novel from Nicky Singer. A beautifully told story about surival and what it costs, and the power of small kindnesses to change everything. Accessible enough to be read from age 12 and up but with lots of appeal for older readers too, this is a must read this summer.

9781444944525 PB £7.99

Run, Riot

From Nikesh Shukla, the editor of The Good Immigrant, this is an adrenaline-fuelled, powerful YA thriller about young people taking charge of their own destiny. A novel about standing up and being counted. Suitable for readers aged 13+, this is a timely and important book that explores themes of alienation, gentrification and community.

9781444940688 PB £7.99


High-interest non-fiction for all ages

Dinosaur Infosaurus: Killer Dinosaurs

Perfect for readers aged 7+, this book presents the pre-historic beasts in all their terrifying glory, with realistic artwork alongside digestible chunks of information presented as infographics. A great summer read for fact-loving dinosaur fans!

9781526304629 PB £8.99


The Poo That Animals Do

Discover all there is to know about animal poop and it’s uses – from the smelliest, to the smallest and the most expensive! Photos and tongue-in cheek illustrations combine with raucous text to enliven even the most reluctant reader. A great book for satisfying the curiosity of 7 to 9 years olds while learning science at the same time!

9781526303950 PB £8.99

You Are Awesome

Do you know someone who needs a confidence boost? The summer break is the perfect time to try out Matthew Syed’s growth mindset techniques in You Are Awesome, an empowering and inspiring guide to help kids build resilience and fulfil their potential, becoming happy, successful, awesome adults along the way.

9781526361158 PB £9.99