Rose Raventhorpe Investigates – free excerpt

With an exciting mix of Victorian life, crime-solving and humour, the Rose Raventhorpe Investigates series by Janine Beacham is a gripping read (and a great way to spark pupils’ interest in the Victorians). Enjoy a free excerpt from the first book in the series, Black Cats and Butlers, below.

When Rose Raventhorpe’s beloved butler is found (gasp!) murdered in the hallway of her own house, she’s determined to uncover the culprit. Especially since he’s the third butler to die in a week!

Rose’s investigation leads her on a journey into a hidden world of grave robbers and duelling butlers, flamboyant magicians and the city’s ancient feline guardians.

Knives aren’t just for cutting cucumber sandwiches, you know . . .

Black Cats and Butlers excerpt


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