We’re supporting National Non-Fiction November 2017!

National Non-Fiction November is the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ annual celebration of all things factual. Born out of National Non-Fiction Day, the  whole month now celebrates all those readers that have a passion for information and facts and attempts to bring non fiction celebration in line with those of fiction.

At Hachette Schools we’re big fans of non-fiction and are proud to publish fantastic information books through our imprints Franklin Watts, Wayland and Wren & Rook.

The theme of National Non-Fiction November this year is The World Around Us and we’ve been working with the FCBG to bring you exciting activities to support this theme based on some of our new and well-loved series: Look and Wonder, The Big Countdown and Expedition Diaries. Keep an eye on their blog throughout November for these activities and help kids get outside and explore the world around us!

Four Ways to Celebrate National Non-fiction November in your school:

  1. Discover exciting books that support this year’s theme – download our reading list 
  2. Read this excellent article by Aidan Severs (aka This Boy Can Teach) on why every primary school needs to embrace non-fiction
  3. Meet some of our own authors, hear about their latest non-fiction books and find out why they think non-fiction is so important! Visit our YouTube channel
  4. Create a display in your classroom or library promoting non-fiction books or on the theme The World Around Us, here are two colourful posters to get you started! Download the Look and Wonder poster, download Fascinating Facts and Figures poster.